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Eduardo Placer is an accomplished global event host, instigator, and guide who takes audiences on transformational journeys of self-discovery and empowerment.

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I was BLOWN AWAY by Eduardo Placer.

Not only was he the best MC I’ve ever worked with, but he facilitated multiple very intense and intimate conversations with the The Elevate Prize Foundation and CNN Heros winners that brought us to tears. He even stepped in at a moment’s notice to moderate two panels. His empathy and pure honesty was something I have never experienced in 20 years at LDJ Productions.

Laurie DeJong

CEO, LDJ Productions and Founder, Paper Fig Projections

The Meeting Industry
is being redefined.

Attendees are increasingly seeking creative, interactive, and purposeful experiences that feel personalized to them.

At the same time, planners are under pressure to keep attendees excited, energized, and engaged like never before.

With years spent on stage as a professional actor, speaker, and event host, Eduardo Placer believes that, for an event to be truly successful, planners need to prioritize creating audience-centered journeys and experiences.

That means looking beyond keeping up with the latest technology, booking famous faces, or hiring “drive-by” emcees who only know how to deliver great one-liners.

To truly elevate an event, you need a collaborative partner who is masterful at bridging the gap between planners and speakers and audiences.

Someone who knows how to raise the energy in a room, connect with audiences, and serve as their guide.

And, beyond that, someone who can be with an agenda while simultaneously listening for what an audience needs, and drawing attention to what the moment is calling for—transcending what’s on the page into a magical and memorable experience.

That  is what Eduardo delivers.

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I will never see an emcee like Eduardo again.
I will never forget how he made me feel.

He was effortless in his abilities to read, capture and inspire the audience. It was truly something magical to witness! Amidst the movement, shimmies, laughter and fun, there was compassion, receptiveness, adaptability and space that gracefully allowed others to share and engage. His awareness and ability to stay in the moment enabled incredible insights. Eduardo is a true master. I am truly grateful for the experience he gave our participants!

Lauren Jones

Creative Director, Make Good Famous Summit

Building bridges to belonging through story is Eduardo Placer’s Superpower.

A dynamic keynote speaker, charismatic event emcee, and global facilitator, he is a former professional actor who has a rare ability to help people find common ground through compelling narratives that inspire and unite.

He is the founder of Fearless Communicators, a diverse, inclusive public speaking coaching company that works with emerging and accomplished thought leaders on what they say and how they say it. His clients range from presidential candidates and UN diplomats to startup founders, social activists, and industry leaders.

Drawing from his experiences in the U.S. as a proud Cuban American and member of the LGBTQ+ community, Eduardo shares his message of empowerment and belonging with audiences around the world. He is committed to creating inclusive organizations where everyone feels comfortable bringing their authentic selves to work.

Eduardo has worked with individuals and facilitated events at some of the world’s most well-known organizations, including TikTok, HBO, Google, Bank of America-Merrill Lynch, and Victoria’s Secret.

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