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Full Humanity

Soul-stirring stories that foster communities of deeper empathy, connection, and belonging.

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I could have spent the entire day with Eduardo!

He is so charismatic! I felt his positive energy through the screen right away at the start of the keynote with the music he was playing. He was so welcoming right off the bat. I felt so grateful to experience his life stories. He took us with him on his journey: overcoming obstacles, authenticity, and personal positive affirmations. I could have spent the entire day with him!”

Laura Deangelis

Alice by Actibl

Authenticity and Courage

This way of leading is fundamental to build the trust we need to create cultures of collaboration—allowing us to accomplish more, together.

Because not all authenticity is created equal…

For Eduardo, staying true to himself is simultaneously a personal commitment to not being erased, an act of resistance, and an affirmative way to lead by example so that others are empowered to shine their light.

As a gay man born to Cuban immigrant parents, he has spent a lifetime navigating the nuances of what it means to belong.

Today, he helps audiences envision a world in which we celebrate our differences, champion every voice, and show up as our true selves.

Because, when we feel safe enough to shine our own light, we have more energy for the work at hand, more grace for those around us, and greater stamina for the road ahead.

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Eduardo is an expert at bringing people together through storytelling that inspires cohesive workplace cultures, collaboration, and teamwork.

On Common Ground:
Building Bridges to Belonging across difference

When you help people find common ground, they will engage on a whole new level.
These are the courageous spaces where everyone has the freedom to shine their authentic light. When we know how to create these kinds of spaces, we build something so much bigger and better together.

In this interactive keynote, Eduardo distills his insights from working with diverse leaders, individuals, and teams over the past 20 years to share a powerful process for building bridges to belonging. The key is to embrace all that we are and all that we have the potential to be.

This keynote is perfect for audiences:

  • Wanting to improve how they relate with their team or coworkers
  • Struggling to feel like they truly belong
  • Knowing they are capable of more, but feeling uncertain about how to get there—individually and collectively

Attendees will leave with:

  • An understanding of what it will take to collaborate more effectively
  • The inspiration they need to lead with greater courage and authenticity
  • Practical strategies for building trust and navigating challenges and change, together


You Do You, Boo
and Other Fearless Feats of Authenticity & Courage

This keynote takes a gentle and loving reminder from a ninth-grader, “You do you, boo!”, and spins it into a heartfelt call to action for all of us.

Eduardo shares his struggles growing up as a queer Cuban-American boy, and navigating a world where performative authenticity is, in reality, a cloak of conformity.

He turns his experiences into actionable insights that help audiences move through discomfort to better understand their role in creating cultures of belonging where everyone has full permission to shine their light.

This keynote is perfect for audiences and leaders who are:

  • Seeking to better understand the challenges faced by marginalized individuals
  • Wanting to play an active role in fostering cultures of inclusion, where everyone feels valued and accepted for who they are
  • Supporting others at work to feel more engaged and empowered to do their best work

Attendees will leave with:

  • An understanding of the neuroscience of storytelling, and how to structure a story to build bridges with teams and co-workers
  • A framework to prepare themselves physically and emotionally to be with difference
  • The inspiration they need to continue to build their resilience at work

From Me To We:
The Future of Communication at Work

You have a clear vision and big goals, but you can’t make the progress you’d like because those you lead or work with don’t feel fully seen, heard, or acknowledged.

Enter The Arena: an environment where we leverage story sharing to move from separate individuals to a space where everyone is fully in and united behind a common purpose.

In this compelling keynote talk, Eduardo shares how we can create our own arenas to learn, witness, honor, and move through our differences, so we can show up better for each other and achieve the goals we want, as an organization.

This keynote is perfect for audiences:

  • Struggling to make the progress they would like toward their goals
  • Seeking to break down silos that impede open communication
  • Wanting to elevate team or organizational performance

Attendees will leave with:

  • The communication skills they need to celebrate difference, and encourage everyone to take a seat at the table where they are fully engaged and supported
  • A clearer understanding of all the ways they are connected to their coworkers and teammates, so they can come together to achieve organizational goals

Building bridges to belonging through story is Eduardo Placer’s Superpower.

A dynamic keynote speaker, charismatic event emcee, and global facilitator, he is a former professional actor who has a rare ability to help people find common ground through compelling narratives that inspire and unite.

He is the founder of Fearless Communicators, a diverse, inclusive public speaking coaching company that works with emerging and accomplished thought leaders on what they say and how they say it. His clients range from presidential candidates and UN diplomats to startup founders, social activists, and industry leaders.

Drawing from his experiences in the U.S. as a proud Cuban American and member of the LGBTQ+ community, Eduardo shares his message of empowerment and belonging with audiences around the world. He is committed to creating inclusive organizations where everyone feels comfortable bringing their authentic selves to work.

Eduardo has worked with individuals and facilitated events at some of the world’s most well-known organizations, including TikTok, HBO, Google, Bank of America-Merrill Lynch, and Victoria’s Secret.

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